We like to make clear agreements with our customers. If you have specific requests, we will do our utmost to accommodate them. In the unlikely event that something goes wrong within the process, we will contact you to look for a suitable solution together. In this way we keep the lines short, which leads to a satisfactory end result.

File formats

Unless stated otherwise, we deliver your translation by e-mail in the file format in which the text was delivered. When a file is delivered as PDF however, we deliver the text in Word, unless a different file format makes more sense.

We can handle the most common Office file formats: Word, Excel and PowerPoint. We can also work with files in Visio, Acces, InCopy, InDesign or html. Sometimes extra actions are required to make the text editable for our software. We are happy to prepare these files for you.

Delivery time

The standard delivery time for a translation is a minimum of three working days for up to 1,000 words. For every 1,000 words more, we require one extra working day. From 5,000 words upwards, we need one extra working day for every 2,000 words.

This time is needed to schedule the assignment, select and make available the right translator and proofreader, prepare the files, process any reference material and, after the translation process has been completed, make the file ready for delivery, and take care of the delivery itself.

Rush job

If you need a translation faster than our standard delivery time, please let us know so we can agree on specific terms.

It may be necessary for us to deploy a translation team consisting of several translators and proofreaders, to work for longer periods of time or to re-arrange other work. This can result in a rush surcharge. The level varies and depends on the desired deployment of the Mettalers. The deadline itself is always determined in consultation with you.



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