Working method

Working method

In principle, we work with a team consisting of a project manager, a translator, a copywriter or editor, and a proofreader for translation, writing and editing assignments. Everyone looks at the assignment with fresh eyes, so together we see more. The project manager is also your point of contact for interpreting assignments.

As soon as we receive a request, we start the intake process. For example, we ask about the subject of the text or meeting, the desired language combination(s), the application/context and the intended target group for the text. We also discuss (urgent) deadlines. In connection with the GDPR, we offer the option of anonymising texts containing sensitive information in advance. If this is required, please let us know.

In our translation process we use:

Our in-house language databases

For multiple assignments for the same client, we create a separate 'translation memory'. This includes industry-specific terms and translation preferences, such as the preference for British or American spelling, specific words, company abbreviations and job titles. In addition, we also take into account tone and style wishes, such as literal translation or a freer hand. This way, we ensure the necessary consistency.

If you already have a glossary that needs to be taken into account during the translation process, we are happy to receive it. We will then process this directly into the translation memory we create (or have already created) for you.


We process previous assignments in SDL Trados Studio, the software that builds up our translation memories. This translation tool is the market leader in CAT tools. CAT stands for Computer Automated Translation. As soon as we receive a new request, we analyse the new text in Trados to determine if we can actively use this memory. If that is the case, we offer a translation memory discount. The level of this discount depends on the size of the translation memory and the number and degree of matches.

If desired, we can also provide supporting equipment for use during your interpreting assignment. For example, whisper sets or interpreter booths and sound equipment.


Naturally, we use the same Mettalers for our clients as much as possible. After all, they are familiar with professional terminology and the desired writing style. In this way we provide the most personal service possible. After all, communication is uniquely human work.



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