Our people and the people we engage are professionals. They are reliable, committed, think along with both you and us, have a good dose of energy and an active mind. They use these assets to achieve the best possible result for our clients.

Our Mettalers are deployed on the basis of language, knowledge, style and specialisations. We engage the same translators for our clients as much as possible, because they know exactly what is required. They have formed a permanent team with some of our clients for years.

For new requests, we look at which of our Mettalers best suits the needs of the customer and the type of assignment. This way we make the perfect match for the best result.



Projectmanager met redactie- en vertaalervaring
Projectmanager met redactie- en vertaalervaring   Verantwoordelijkheden: - coördineren (ver)taalopdrac...
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