Our team

Our team

Our team, comprising people from a range of disciplines and backgrounds, is at your service. Whether you would like to receive a quote, have a special request or are simply curious, we are happy to help you.


Iris Tiessens

Iris is director-owner of Mettaal. She started her business in 2001, because she noticed that there was a lack of first-class language services for the business market. Two years later, she took over Heesen Translation Services International, based in Amstelveen, thereby strengthening her position in the translation world. Before she became active in the translation industry, she worked for several other (international) companies. In addition to being an entrepreneur, Iris is also active in politics and the community.
Wilbert Visser
Project manager & editor/translator

The son of a bargee, Wilbert grew up in an international environment. This is where his passion for language was born. After completing his master's degree in German Translation at Utrecht University in 2013, he started working as a translator, moving to Germany for that purpose. After living and working there for four years, it was time for a new adventure: project manager & proofreader/translator at Mettaal. Wilbert expects to become a sworn translator soon.
Moos van Dijke

Moos will be an intern at our company for the next few months to complete her Master’s degree in Translation at Leiden University. As a child, Moos developed a love for books, which led to an interest in language as a whole. Especially English books and poetry caught her attention, causing her to quickly learn the English language. While following an international Bachelor’s programme, English became an even more integral part of her life, so she decided to pursue a Master’s degree in translation. She hopes to graduate in 2024, after which she is planning to work in the translation business. This internship is therefore an excellent opportunity to gather some real-world experience.